Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rue St. Vincent

You know when I'm writing on a Sunday that it will be with a certain solemnity. Claire's daddy brought her home from his weekend with her, and he left about a half hour ago. My child is so happy when both of her parents are with her. It's melancholy, but I think I hide it well.

Her dad and I shared a love of similar music. I like to think we introduced each other to some new favorites...from him I got Metric, Placebo, Blonde Redhead...from me he got The National and my Garden State soundtrack.

Back in the day before romance became extinct, we made each other CDs and would listen to them in the dark. There is no one more sentimental than me when it comes to someone personally choosing songs for me, so it was very special. I don't think I have that CD; at least I can't find it anywhere. But I remember many of the songs. And one of my favorites was Rue St. Vincent by Yves Montand. During those hours in the dark, I spoke of how I wanted to dance to this with him on the sand at our wedding. I still dream of that, even though a dream is just a dream...


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