Friday, July 16, 2010

My Soundtrack

My music blog begins. Like most, I enjoy many different types of music. One style keeps resonating. What should I call it? It's theatrical. It can border on operatic. And it usually draws the most emotion from me. It began so many years ago with Freddie Mercury. Queen's music dominated my high school experience. The voice from God is how I feel about Freddie. And the accompaniment matched the drama of the voice. Listen to Who Wants to Live Forever. Seven Seas of Rhye. Teo Torriatte.

This continued and I grew to love the music I felt tore into my soul, whether bellowing or a bare whisper.

There is an artist I love named Vienna Teng. She is a beautiful songwriter with a sweet, strong, nectar voice. One of her songs falls into what I'm trying rather unsuccessfully to describe. I find it best to listen to this at night in the darkness. I feel as if I could be in a fantasy movie...Highlander, Dune, something mystical. This song affects my mood and is a regular on my play lists.

Vienna Teng, My Medea

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  1. Thanks for that. What a beautiful song. I think I get what you're trying to describe and for me, those songs usually have a lot of piano in them. I think I'm going to enjoy discovering Vienna Teng's other music.