Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Under My Skin

I knew I wanted to add a Rachael Yamagata song here. I had "Worn Me Down" in mind first. "Worn Me Down" is so catchy...it is a convertible song...as in, put the top down, put the song on, cruise down a long stretch of highway with no traffic lights. It was also popular on the hipster shows...O.C., One Tree Hill, that kind of stuff. That's why I kind of changed my mind on posting that song, but I looooove Rachael Yamagata. She was originally introduced to me by an old friend back in 2004 when Rachael's Happenstance album was released. I love many, many women singer/songwriters. A lot of the women I do like, their voices are a bit interchangeable. But not Rachael's. I always know her voice, and I always love her songs. This is another of my favorites, Under My Skin.


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